Why have your Fundraising event on Eventmaster?

The fundraising integration on Eventmaster was essentially born out of frustration in 2021!

Benefactors were looking for powerful registration but integration with other fundraising platforms was resulting in a major drop off in active fundraisers.

Fundraisers would have to register, then create or activate their fundraising pages separately. This could also require a login to set up also. The more steps there are required, the higher the drop off was on participants following these steps.

The Eventmaster Fundraising Model:

  • Combined registration & fundraising in one place
  • Instant automated page creation
  • No page activation or login required
  • Funds go directly in real-time to charities
  • Realtime reporting for both registration and fundraising
  • Automated communications as part of the fundraiser journey to increase active fundraisers as soon as registration is completed.

Many (if not all) features on the platform have been built through requests and feedback from Benefactors. This simple process is what has made us the official fundraising partner for some of Ireland’s largest sporting events such as the Irish Life Dublin Marathon.

Fundraising Event Calendar: https://give2you.ie/fundraising-campaigns/

The cherry on top of this function is benefactors having unlimited access to the full registration system. Any new features added are available to all, so whether you are organising an event with 20 people or 20,000 people you have access the essential functions as well as more advanced features.

Event Set Up Flow

  • Details – Complete the event set up form here so we can see the basic details needed.
  • Our team does all the set up for you! We will a draft for you to review.
  • Testing – You and your team can fully test and send on any changes to our team, so your page is fully customised to your requirements.
  • Go Live – Once you’re happy, the event is published to start sales/registrations.

Key Features

  • No set up costs!
  • Receive funds in real-time as people register
  • Access to real-time reporting.
  • Customisation – Use all your own branding and you can even customise confirmation and reminder emails.
  • Built in marketing tools such as discounts and newsletters to both active and in-active fundraisers.
  • Access to the wider Eventmaster database to promote your event
  • Free scanning app that can be used on any phone on the day of your event.

Who can set up a fundraising event?

Anyone! Charities, clubs and schools can all have benefactor accounts, but anyone can organise a fundraising event for whatever benefactor they choose. Simply reach out to support@eventmaster.ie to get started!

With over 15 years’ experience in the event industry ourselves we understand all the little things that have to happen behind the scenes. Irish owned and based in county Limerick, our team pride ourselves on our support to organisers and benefactors when it comes to making their event and fundraisers a success.