The order form is one of the most important part of the booking process as regardless of
the event type all events must have an order form to collect personal data
At the top of the order for you have a selection of 2 options:
Customisable form per ORDER
Customisable form per TICKET
Its extremely important that you pay attention to this when you are setting up the event as
it has massive implications if you do this wrong
Generically it follow this pattern:
PER ORDER – This would be for entertainment events
PER TICKET – this would be for sporting/participation/education/coaching events

Per order:
Per order basically means that you will collect just ONE set of data for a booking. I.e.
someone will buy 4 tickets to go to a concert but Eventmaster will only collect 1 set
of personal data and send the 4 tickets to that 1 email address!
The important thing to remember is that when this mode is set, and 4 tickets are
selected that only 1 set of data will be collected but 4 tickets with unique barcodes
will be generated by the system.

Per Ticket:
Per ticket basically means that you will collect multiple sets of personal data for each
ticket that is selected. If someone buys 4 tickets, 4 customer order forms will be
presented and the user will need to enter 4 full sets of personal details.
E.g. – in the Dublin marathon event Mary wants to buy tickets for her and her 2 friends
Louise and Joan. Mary will select 3 marathon tickets and will then be asked to enter the 3
full sets of personal details for herself, Louise and Joan.
N.B. – if you are unsure what mode you should select the absolute safest option is to set
the event to PER TICKET – in this case you will collect probably more data than you need
but at least it’s the safer option

Order Form Questions
You will have a range of standard questions available to you automatically within your
order form. If you would like the question to be visible to the customer, tick the red box, if
you would like to make the question mandatory for the customer to complete before
they checkout click required.

Custom Question(s)
If you would like a custom question, please reach out to our team who can do this for you
or walk you through the process. Email