Eventmaster Account Tools

How to Manage Corporate & Complementary Entries.

If you have sponsors or corporate partners for your event, the easiest way to give them heavily discounted/free entries with minimal admin is to give each person a unique code to enter. This means only employees or specific users can use the code to register themselves, and there is no need for the company to collect employee information in an excel file etc in order to enter them in manually.

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Venue/Entry Capacity

If you are looking to cut off sales once a particular number of tickets has been sold, you can do this in the Dates section of the event editor. Additionally, if you have multiple timeslots on an event, you can control which tickets are listed under each one by clicking on Advanced, next to the set quantity.

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Virtual Distance Events

During the Covid-19 pandemic several of our event organisers switched their events to a virtual capacity. In order for this model to work well we created a new module to allow users after they had registered for an event and completed the respective virtual distance to upload a time in the ‘Manage My Booking’ portal.

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Event & Ticketing Webinar – January 2024

Webinar – Creating & Customising Events with Eventmaster
This webinar demonstration shows some of the built in tools for organisers using the Eventmaster Platform.

There are a wide range of free tools and supports for organisers to build and fully customise events on Eventmaster. Our platform specialists will be guiding you through all these features in this webinar.

Feel free to request a private training and demonstration session on any topic by emailing support@eventmaster.ie

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